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Our combined passion for the sea and engineering is what drives and inspires us.

We are Naval Architects, based in Greece, who design ships built to last and carry

their passengers away and closer to their dreams, one trip at a time.

Our Story

About the Company

Naval Architects

Situated in the heart of Piraeus, the centre of naval activity of Greece,

Petychaki Technical Company has been long involved greatly in

designing and building innovative vessel prototypes.

Our company’s history dates back to 1985 when our “one-man design studio”

was first founded; the same studio that has now grown and risen into prominence in the fields

of naval architecture and marine engineering. Novel approaches and solutions, passion for detail-oriented

craftsmanship and ceaseless pursuit of new challenges, are all traits that distinguish our projects

ranging from past to present and from the present to the promising future.

Our Wide Range of Services


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Petychaki Technical Company offers an extensive range of services, shifting from the research and design process to the realisation, development and maintenance of numerous marine vehicles.

Our team of experts will undertake projects of any scale; ranging from life-cycle engineering and evaluation of vessel and offshore structures of any kind, focusing on and applying diverse engineering fields, to consulting services.

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Our Accomplishments


Naval architecture is considered to be more of a craft than a science.

It is a joint effort between different technical groups consisting of skilled professionals who specialise in diverse engineering fields, coordinated and led by an experienced naval architect.

Petychaki Technical Office specialises in two types of vessels: RoRo ferries and Passenger ships. Both vehicles are quite common in the Aegean sea; with speed as one of their primary assets, our RoRo ferries and passenger ships have significantly helped towards the tourism growth of Greek islands. Explore our fleet and find out more about our ships.

Ro Ro ferries


Passenger Ships


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