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Our office is comprised of five high-skilled employees, naval architects, marine engineers, surveyors and electrical engineer, many of whom with worldwide professional experience??????.  We undertake projects of any scale, from .


Situated in the heart of Piraeus, the centre of naval activity of Greece, Petychaki  Technical Company has been long involved greatly in designing and building innovative vessel prototypes. Our company’s history dates back to 1985 when our “one-man design studio” was first founded; the same studio that has now grown and risen into prominence in the fields of naval architecture and marine engineering. Novel approaches and solutions, passion for detail-oriented craftsmanship and ceaseless pursuit of new challenges, are all traits that distinguish our projects ranging from past to present and from the present to the promising future.


Nikolaos Petychakis was the man who dreamt of creating a new type of vessel for his country, Greece. Inspired by the greek archipelagoes, he quickly grasped the necessity of new and original ideas; an inspiration that made him design the double-ended ferry prototype. The first double-ended ferry, named “Salaminia”, was constructed in 1998 in a Greek shipyard. Our office provided all designs, did all the research and followed up all works closely because of the vessel’s original and innovative design. The construction of “Salaminia” was followed by another 28 double-ended ferries, all of which were built under our supervision. However, Petychaki Technical Office would provide many more services, not limited to the above activities. Our company is in full alignment with the market’s needs and transitions and having as our priority our customers’ satisfaction, we have also conducted studies and created numerous designs for Ro-Ro passenger vessels, cruise vessels, sail cruise vessels, sail catamarans, catamaran ferries, tug boats, fishing boats and tankers.

Our great team

core team

Our team consists of five professionals, some of them having an international presence in the sector, whose studies range from naval architecture and marine engineering to surveying and electrical engineering but their shared passion and goal is the same: to offer you the best quality and service in vessel design and construction.

Eytychia Petychaki
CEO / Manager


She has studied Naval architecture & Marine engineering at the NTUA. Working in the shipbuilding industry of passenger ferries & all types of vessels in Greece & newbuilding projects of LNG-carriers in Korea, motivated her to enhance new technologies and methods of working and team building. Continuing the legacy of the company’s culture, consisting of high values, she developed and implemented operational policies and a strategic plan towards the direction of new developments in marine industry. Designing ships with new technologies, optimizing the hull shape & operation features on a safer & greener environment, are some of the strategic focuses for the new company’s era.

Sofia Papagiannopoulou
Public Relations Officer


She has studied Naval Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences. She has worked in the office since 1987, being the person to support our clients and create bridges of trust with them. She is in charge of establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, partners and organizations. Her dedication, integrity and authenticity guide her to build company’s public relations strategies that promote our products, ideas, and services.

George Koustenis
Technical Department, Senior Project Manager


He has studied Naval Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences. He has worked as a naval architect and designer for more than 20 years and is an excellent advisor on machinery, fire & safety & MARPOL requirements. He is working with other team members and partners to set timelines, budgets, and assist in making decisions regarding materials and features of every project, that will be used to complete it. He monitors the production on a day-to-day basis through agreed lines on project progress and has the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project.

Andreas Stratinas
Technical Department, Project Manager


He has studied Naval Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences. He is an expert in CAD design, hull optimization and speed performance. He produces conceptual designs for new vessels and vessel conversions, performs calculations to support design decisions, manages the research together with the team and resolves technical problems.

Antigoni Petychaki
Marine Legal Advisor / Attorney at Law

She has studied the Law at the University of Athens, and after graduation she certified as an active lawyer. After her practice of 2 years, she decided to follow the maritime law and since then she is delivering legal and policy advice, either alone or as part of a partner-scheme, within the area of her expertise. She is legal representative of several maritime companies and supports them with consultancy of legal nature. She supports our companies’ clients on legal issues and update everyone on the new developments on Maritime Law.

Michael Petychakis, PhD
Head of Research and Development


He is the liaison of the company to the new technologies of Blockchain, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence (AI), that are nowadays discussed in the marine industry. Monitoring and optimizing voyage executions with the help of IT and Data or Using Data for Feedback for Optimal Design (hull form & performance estimation) in real environmental conditions. He is leading the team of R&D, having in mind that in the form of big data powered by AI and machine learning the marine industry shall walk into the future.